Romantic Dinner:
Dinner for and by two

This romantic dinner will have you devouring each other by the end of the night -- guaranteed!

Note: 'Special Greeting for Gentlemen only!'
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‘Dinner for and by two’ is much more than just a story about your usual romantic dinner. The story that I’m about to tell goes much deeper than glittering candlelight, soft music, and French champagne. It’s a story about a dinner that’s completely surreal and other-worldly -- a truly magnificent and mystical experience!

I hope it inspires you to prepare as sumptuous and sensual a dinner for yourself and your love. Why? Because it will leave an impression that WILL last a lifetime!

First thing’s first, however. To really understand what you’ll experience by recreating this romantic dinner, you have to rent the movie “Woman on Top.” OK, OK…if you don’t have time to watch the entire movie, just watch the last 5 minutes. But if you’re really pressed for time (really, really busy!!!) and don’t have even 5 minutes to spare, don’t worry. I’ll help you. I'll give you the 'cliff notes' version. All I want you to do is PROMISE me that you'll use the ‘aromas’ and sensuality alive in the story to ‘cook-up’ your own romantic dinner. PROMISE!

Time to dream, play, and cook….so let’s get started!

‘Woman on Top’ is a story about Isabella Oliveira, a Brazilian chef who marries the love of her life -- Toninho. As time passes, the couple seems to be living a story-book romance, until one day, when Isabella decides to end the marriage and leave Tontino (the reason she leaves is not really important right now because in real life, the ‘reason’ could be just about anything...PLUS...if I tell you, you won't rent the movie :-)...and you really SHOULD see this film).

In addition to leaving Tontino, Isabella asks Yemanja, an African deity worshipped in Brazil, to take away ALL of her love for Toninho (bit imaginary…) -- wanting to erase every rememberance of him that she has. Yemanja grants her this one wish and Isabella proceeds to move to San Francisco without a single memory of Toninho.

Time passes, and Isabella seems to be creating a happy new life for herself. She becomes a famous TV chef and meets another man who’s a perfect antidote for her lost love. Finally, she feels as though she's over her past and can get on with her life. Unfortunately (or fortunatley :-) for her, however, Toninho had something else in mind. He refused to give up on their love and went on a quest to fight for her affection.

Little by little, Toninho managed to recapture Isabella’s heart. So much so, that she began to wish for her love to come back to her heart. But it was too late. When Yemanja, the deity, removed the love from Isabella’s heart, it was for good – a spell that could not be undone. But how was Isabella to recover her love? She could not live without it!

The answer was simple -- FOOD! Ahhh…YES…FOOD!

By now, I’m sure you’re thinking, "what's the point of this story?" Am I right? Well, the point of this story is simple: two people’s flaws as individuals can be overcome by combining their strengths and their love to create the perfect 'DISH' (union). Simple… don't you agree?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to recover those innocent feelings of love? To rekindle that bright spark in your eyes? To find anything that you might have lost within as a result of life’s interventions (let’s call it Yemenja)? Well, you can! You CAN! Just follow my romantic dinner recipe and get swept back to the days you most reminisce about. Isn't that what life's all about...brief, joyous memories that refuse to leave your heart? I think so.

Romantic dinner 'for' and 'by' two: The secret recipe of Shrimp Arabesque: Shhh!

The romantic dinner Atmosphere:

*One large, comfortable table where you can place all your ingredients (please remember that the two of you might be the two final ingredients!).

*Music of your choice. I recommend soft, romantic music. Sorry to keep pushing ‘Woman on Top’, but the movie soundtrack is absolutely something else!!!

*Candles. Candlelight should be everywhere. Artificial light is absolutely forbidden.

*White wine.

The romantic dinner Ingredients:

1 pound large shrimp, shells on
1/2 stick butter, cut into thin slices
1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper, or to taste
2 cloves garlic, pressed
2 lovers (yes you and your love one!)

The romantic dinner Preparation:

1. Contemplate each other. Spent no less than 10 minutes looking at each other in complete silence. Use your fingers to feel each other’s lips and hands – two items that are going to be your sensual tools for the rest of the evening.

2. As your souls’ temperature rises, preheat the oven to 350° F.

3. Stand up in front of your man, with your back against his chest. Allow him to take your hands inside his and grease the cookie sheet together. Get dirty (your hands I mean!)

4. Rinse and dry the shrimp. Henry Ford’s ‘division of the work-force’ is not allowed here. Every single step must be performed by the two of you and at the same time. Your hands should be so intertwined that you can’t tell which arm belongs to whom. Take your time. Feel the water running on and through your fingers. Remember: Cooking is just an excuse!

5. Spread the dried shrimp on the greased cookie sheet. Now it’s time to play a little bit: for each shrimp you place on the cookie sheet, whisper one ‘sensual word or phrase’, for example: I want to make love to you…I want to melt this chocolate in your mouth…I want to eat you alive…you’re making me drip inside (you get the idea). You start with the first shrimp and let him continue.

6. Spread the butter over the shrimp. Time to get dirtier! (I still mean your hands).

7. Sprinkle the shrimp with the ground pepper and garlic. Absorb the stimulating and penetrating aroma.

8. Bake the shrimp for about 15-20 minutes. Turn them several times and coat them with the butter mixture until they’re opaque and thoroughly cooked.

9. Take advantage of your table and experiment with the missing ingredients (go to the ingredients list) while the shrimp are cooking for those 15-20 minutes. Pretend that you and your love are one of those ‘missing ingredients’ that you need to explore. As an experienced chef, use your five senses to experience the goodness of that ingredient (your man). Taste it: travel his body with your lips and tongue; Smell it: allow the aroma of his body to fill your lungs; Feel it: let your fingers feel his faint, spasmodic movements; Hear it: place your ear close to his mouth and listen to his desperate breathing; Look at it: just contemplate the vast universe that’s in front of you. Then let him experience you in the same way.

Bon appetite. How’s that for a romantic dinner!

Serving the romantic dinner:

1. To serve, bring out the baking dish with a loaf of French or Italian bread.

Enjoying the romantic dinner:

2. Start the mystical ritual: peel the shrimp with your fingers and sop up the melted butter with the bread. This is the culminating moment where your bodies should be shouting for new sensations -- for more touching, breathing, inhaling, glancing, and tasting. Experience it all…but slowly and wisely.

There is no power greater than true love! As we saw in the story, even life and Yemanja, together, could not take away the magical pureness of love from the two lovers’ hearts. And you too have such power. But, you do need to work at it, at least a little bit. The recipe I shared with you is just one of many romantic dinner ideas. It is up to you, however, to turn it into a fierce weapon against your fight with routine. Otherwise, the ‘creatures of habit’ win. Now we don’t want that to happen, do we???

Fight back. RomanceIt!

Here’s a great weapon for you to start with: Easy healthy eating . I believe that we need to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit if we are to enjoy a truly fulfilling romantic life. That is why I am recommending that you check out this excellent website. It has tons of information on how to make healthy eating easy. “Ease” is the key word here. Now you have no more excuses. Spice up these recipes with a pinch of romance and follow your senses to bliss!!!

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