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"Romantic ideas for fantasy buffs are ideas as unique as the dreamers themselves..."

Special note for gentlemen

Note: 'Special Greeting for Gentlemen only!'
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Have you ever thought about having an affair? I have. And not only have I thought about having one, I actually am having one. Can you believe it?

Want another shocker? The man isn’t even Jay!

But that's not all. Jay’s having an affair too.

No, we’re not swingers. And no, we’re not cheaters. We’re just two people who decided to add a bit of danger and spice to our life.


How? Well, by finding an interesting and useful application for one of our newest and best friends – the computer.

Are you thinking to yourself – hmmm? Is she a nut job or what? Good. That’s exactly what I want you to think.

“This grandest of romantic ideas began with me becoming Pamela Anderson and Jay becoming Keanu Reeves.”

The first step in our little game was to find a fake name for Jay and myself. I become Pamela Anderson and he became Keanu Reeves.

Both of us have secret crushes (guess not so secret any more) on these two respective stars and figured why not incorporate them into our fantasy? After all, what good is an affair if it’s not with the one you’re pining after?

Once we decided on the names, we created two separate email accounts for each of the strangers that we had become, and began sending emails to each other.

I was amazed by the intimacies that we had begun to share – deep, untamed passions that we never would have told each other while still representing ourselves.

It was a truly liberating experience.

I keep thinking that if it wasn’t for our affair, those yearnings could have stayed dormant for life. Or worse, they might have played out in some undesired way leaving an irreversible set of consequences behind. Who needs that? Not me!

“I’m just a mysterious, secret lover having an intimate discussion with my man.”

The time I spend writing to Keanu is absolutely surreal. I feel totally free in mind and spirit, able to write anything that I want.

During those moments I’m not a married woman, I’m not a mother, and I’m not a daughter…I’m just a mysterious, secret lover who’s having an intimate discussion with my man. And it feels great!

You must try it. This game is one of the best romantic ideas I know because it allows people to experience the best of both worlds -- the adrenaline rush of the forbidden together with the peace of mind from knowing that you’re doing nothing wrong. What could be better than that?

“We learned so much about each other just by studying one source -- US.”

Romantic ideas: Fun Lovers I must confess that ever since we started this practice, our sex life has improved tremendously. Once again, we became the lovers that we once were -- spontaneous, free, and completely uninhibited.

I’m not going try to talk you into anything, but if you decide to give the cyber-lover game a chance, you won’t regret it.

There are numerous romantic ideas out there that are nice and sweet, but none that are like this one. This specific romantic idea has the power to leave you burning for days. That is, if that’s what you desire.

Also, in case you want to add even more sting to this game, check out the Bedroom talk section of this site. You’ll find a number of steamy ideas to incorporate into your sultry fantasy game.

Play hard and wild without the consequences...RomanceIt! all the way.

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