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Romantic vacation When I first decided to write about romantic vacations, I was going to share with you the amazing vacations that Jay and I have enjoyed during our time together.

However, as I began telling the stories, something didn’t feel right. At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but then it dawned on me. I realized that what I was about to tell you, you probably already knew…and that just wasn’t good enough.

Of course I couldn’t just delete the romantic vacations section from the website. After all, a romantic vacation is one of the key ingredients to a romantic life. And later on, I promise that I will share with you some of my favorite romantic destinations.

But for now, I want to give you something different, something that you could use on a daily basis to turn your daily existence into an exhilarating daily existence! We take long, intimate, and well-deserved vacations right in the comfort of our own home…

Wondering how I’m going to do that? Well, I’m actually not going to do it, you will. All I’m going to do is tell you about a very, very, VERY fun and unusual “practice” that Jay and I have been experimenting with. It’s secret, but I’ll share it with you.

Jay and I take long, intimate, and well-deserved vacations right in the comfort of our own home. Yes, you heard correctly. We actually go on virtual romantic vacations right in our own house! How cool is that?

No, I don’t need a shrink! That’s why I’ve kept this practice ‘secret’ until now. Regular people might find this idea a bit extravagant…or a bit odd for that matter.

But we aren’t just regular people, are we? We are women in love. We want to experience pure romance. We want to have fun. We want to travel. We want it all.

AND we CAN have it ALL! So what if we have to go about it in an ‘unusual’ kind of way…it’s the final pleasure that counts -- Right?

So what are you waiting for? Grab your passport and let’s go Traveling!

romantic vacation How does a virtual romantic vacation work? A virtual romantic vacation is nothing less (actually much, much more) than just a romantic vacation to the destination of your dreams.

It’s a vacation of your dreams that actually takes place in the comfort of your own home! How cool is that! What you will do is recreate your fantasy locale or atmosphere any time you want…any place you want…and for as long as you want!

How long does the average virtual romantic vacation last?

It depends on where you plan to go and what aspects of your destination you decide to recreate. For instance, if you choose to take a trip to Hawaii and spend quite a bit of time recreating the music, flowers, colors, dances, regional dishes, and exotic drinks….you might want to hang around there for a week or two.

Now, if a week or two is too long for you to stay away from your boudoir, then why don’t you make it a weekend getaway? Who ever said that you couldn’t use your private jet to take you there just for a weekend luau? I sure didn’t!

Your virtual romantic vacation can be anything you want it to be. However, don’t forget that like any other vacation, it requires a bit of planning. So leave some time for that. You want to be well prepared to take the trip of your life.

The Virtual Romantic Vacation Planning guide:

First, I will walk you through the actual process of planning and preparing for a virtual romantic vacation. Then I will tell you about our (Jay’s and my own) virtual romantic vacation experiences. I can’t wait. It’s going to be so much fun.

Ready? Let’s start planning your itinerary.

romantic vacation Step 1: Choosing the virtual romantic vacation destination

1. Choose a spot in your home where you can relax, think, dream, and be close

2. Sit down together and begin fantasizing about going on vacation. What is your dream destination? Brainstorm. Remember: there are no money or time constraints. Let your imagination fly as far and as high as it desires.

3. Pick one option out of the few that you come up with.

4. Talk about your choice while eating dinner. Have sweet dreams about it. Just keep on daydreaming and talking about it until the next day.

romantic vacation Step 2: Researching your virtual romantic vacation destination.

5. Turn on your PC, Mac, laptop or any other piece of equipment with an internet connection.

Go to your public library and get some books about the place you chose (travel guides are probably your best option).

Call friends you know who’ve been to that locale. Collect any data you can. The information you have, the more real your virtual romantic vacation will be.

6. Look for interesting and unusual facts about your destination. Check the weather, read about the cultural, see what people do and where they go, and learn a few words of the dialect.

Is there something unique about that place, perhaps its vegetation, animals, or festivities? Really try to get a feel for the pat of the world that you’ll soon be visiting for the first time.

romantic vacation Step 3: Writing a check list and going shopping for your virtual romantic vacation!

7. Carefully go over all of the information that you found. Think about what elements of that locale you’d like to experience the most. Discuss it with your loved one.

Remember: This is not about recreating an entire city in your home. Instead, it’s about recreating the atmosphere and feel of the place. So focus on that.

8. Make a list of all the things that you’ll need for experiencing your dream vacation. Remember the importance of detail. What will you need to create the perfect ambiance -- special music, lighting, and sounds or some other secret ingredient that you thought of?

9. Figure out where you can buy all the items that you need. Check stores specializing in products related to your country or destination of your choice.

Do you know anyone who’s knowledgeable about that locale? If yes, ask them. Search the internet. You will be amazed at how small this world is as a result of the magic touch of technology.

Step 4: Deciding on a time and place to take your virtual romantic vacation.

10. Answer the following two questions: Where in your home are you going to recreate your dream vacation? When are you going on vacation?

romantic vacation Step 5: Going on a romantic vacation…virtual style!

11. Get everything ready and in place. Dress for the occasion. Do you have to cook something special? Test the music, the lights.

Check that everything is working properly. Relax. Start getting into the romantic vacation spirit. And there you have it -- you are all ready to go on your virtual trip.

12. Start the vacation. Do everything that you dreamed about and planned. There are no restrictions. Just experience it and enjoy it. Laugh. Kiss. Eat. Talk. Drink. Dance. Do whatever you feel like doing. Just have an incredible, untamed time.

romantic vacation

Step 6: Going back “home”…I know you don’t want to…but you have to!

13. This is still your call. You can keep the ambiance going for just a few days, clean it up right away, or never abandon it at all. If you have that last option as one of your choices, I really envy you…in good way, of course.

Do what you feel like doing and remember: you are on vacation so don’t stress it!


If you’re interested, here is MY FAVORITE VIRTUAL ROMANTIC VACATION:

Las Leñas: If you’re planning a virtual romantic vacation, you must consider Las Leñas. A magnificent resort for skiers, sightseers, and adventurers, Las Leñas is an Argentinean secret that you mustn’t miss!

I’m sure that you must have your own secret list of DREAM destinations, but just in case you’d like a few more ideas to add to your list, check out the following sites. My heart beats faster and harder every time I think of these distant and magnificent places and I think yours will too once you take a look.

You can use these destinations to recreate your own virtual vacation at home... or if you’re really set on taking an ‘out of home’ romantic vacation (yes, like normal people do!), these sites will definitely provide plenty of possibilities to choose from:

Romantic vacation for the Adventuresome

1. Adventure Travel
On this travel website, you'll find more than 500 tours in 130 countries including Cultural Journeys, Family Holidays and Active Adventures. Explore their Tours!

2. Ice Hotel – Quebec, Canada
Imagine sleeping snuggly in this spectacular structure crafted each winter from the purest of nature's materials: ice and snow. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful ice sculptures and paintings. You can dance the night away at the N'Ice Club or relax and lounge about in the ABSOLUT Ice Bar. And for fiancées, the Ice Chapel provides an enchanting and fairytale-like setting for weddings

3. Wild Retreat
This resort’s staff have become quite expert at inspiring and celebrating affairs of the heart. A purposeful mix of hedonistic comfort, sensuous cuisine, super natural adventure, full-sensory spa services, heavenly comfort, and complete and total privacy - is positively primal.

4. Himalayan Holidays
The Kingdom of Nepal lies at the foot of the world's highest mountains sandwiched between India and Tibet. From the warm southern plains, the terrain rises through temperate valleys to the frozen heights of the roof of the world. A holiday in Nepal offers romance and adventure from the spectacular Himalayas to wildlife safari and exotic cultures.

Romantic vacation for Water Lovers

5. Windjammer Barefoot Cruises
Say, "I do" all over again. Your years together have been unforgettable. We invite you to celebrate your life and commitment to each other with a vow renewal ceremony. Officiated by your ship's Captain, you will cherish every memory as you look back through your lifetime together. A renewal is also about new beginnings... you have the future to look forward to-and many more years of sharing your lives together.

6. Star Clippers
Discover a new age of sail, where the traditions of the past are combined with the modern comforts and amenities of the present.

Romantic vacation for the 100% Romantics

7. Las Ventanas al Paraiso – Los Cabos, Mexico
As its name implies, Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort, is a window to Paradise. A Ty Warner Property and one of the most acclaimed resorts ever, Las Ventanas has redefined luxury and pampering, reaching out with special touches that are the hallmark of refined hospitality. The desert resort captivates its guests with expansive suites, a world-class spa, inspired cuisine and an intoxicating ambiance.

8. 52 Romantic Getaways
They've searched the world for destinations where romance is not only promised...It's guaranteed.

Romantic vacation for Nature Lovers

9. Guest Ranches of North America (Adult only weeks)
If you’re a lover of the wild -- horses…barbecues…smell of pines...sound of the wind…crackling fires…and midnight guitar tunes – then a Ranch in North America is the place for you to be. You will connect to the earth, your souls, and each other. Be FREE, be WILD, be in LOVE…and most importantly, enjoy the ride!!!

Romantic vacation for Philanthropists

Do you have a unique and personal idea of romance? Do you find inspiration and soul fulfillment when using your mutual love and strength as a couple to help others who are less fortunate? If your answer is YES, then I’m sure you’ll find your dream destination at one of these three links...

10. Volunteering vacations

11. Earth Watch Institute

12. International Expeditions

P.S. Don’t forget to pack! You can find lots of cool tips at: "The Art and Science of Travelling Light"

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