Oils, candles, silk, music…
A sensual massage for reviving your senses to love

Ahhh...the sensual massage. What list of romantic ideas would be complete without a sensual massage.

Special Greeting for Gentlemen

Note: 'Special Greeting for Gentlemen only!'
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I don’t know about you, but I would trade everything for a good massage.

The feeling of floating on air, my muscles relaxing, my mind flying, and mild scents infusing my soul is absolutely irreplaceable.

That is my definition of paradise!

Lately, however, I've discovered that giving a sensual massage to the person I love and making him feel all the sensations that I just described above, is almost as pleasant and rewarding as receiving the sensual massage myself. Yes, almost. I’m a bit selfish!

Sensual Massage: Nice!!!

So…whether you’re planning to ask your partner for a sensual massage or want to pamper him/her instead, this page will provide all the tips and tricks you'll need to make an unforgettable experience out of it.

The credit for this specific sensual message, however, goes to my good friend, Liya Lev Oertel and her book: “52 Romantic Evenings…to spice up your love life.”

She actually calls it an Aromatic Massage in the book. But I thought I’d call it a sensual massage just to spice it up a bit.

Liya has really mastered the art of expressing ideas in a clear and compelling manner. So I have no doubt that you will find her suggestions intriguing and useful.

Liya will take you, step-by-step, through the magical process of experiencing a sensual massage.

Read, learn, and experiment.

Indulge your loved one or even yourself with this magnificent romantic idea for life and never feel the same again! Ready? Let’s get started!

Sensual Massage: Gentle touch Sensual massage (or Liya’s Aromatic massage): Getting the idea…

The firm yet gentle touch of hands on the body, the fragrance of massage oils-what could be more romantic?

I’ve heard massage referred to as “the dance of love with the fingertips.” Whatever you call it, a sensual massage is wonderful to receive and to give. When you give a massage, you not only provide physical pleasure but also demonstrate that you care enough to make your partner feel delicious. And giving pleasure to the one you love (or like a lot) while touching his or her bare skin should make you feel pretty delicious, too!

Scent is also a powerful tool for creating romance. Our sense of smell is controlled by the limbic system in the brain-the system that also controls emotional and sexual responses. It’s not surprise that certain scents are said to trigger sexual reactions.

Use the dynamic duo of touch and scent to create and unforgettable, sensual evening for your sweetheart.

Sensual Massage: Planning ahead...

To invite your partner to this evening, write “I can’t wait to touch you all over” on a slip of paper and attach it to a bottle of essential oil. For a more elaborate invitation, attach a note to a gift basket containing a few massage oils (relaxing, invigorating, and so on), body lotion, scented candles, aromatic soap, and a recording of a soothing music.

Find out if your partner is sensitive to any smells or allergic to any oils or lotions. To be absolutely sure, test any products you plan to use by applying a small amount of each to the inside of your partner’s arm. If you have any doubts, use plain corn starch instead of massage oil.

Take a massage class or study a book on step-by-step massage techniques from your local library or bookstore. If you can’t take a class or find a good book, then follow the basic guidelines under “Romance helpers.”

Sensual Massage: Seeting the Mood Sensual Massage: Setting the Mood...

For your massage table, any large, sturdy table padded with blankets, towels, pillows, or foam will work. If a table strikes you as unromantic, a large, firm mattress or futon on the floor (or a floor padded with the materials mentioned above) will also do nicely. I don’t recommend using regular bed; the height is inconvenient for the massager –too low to stand and too high to kneel. Whatever you use, make sure it allows easy access to both sides of your partner’s body.

Adjust the room temperature so it’s comfortable for someone wearing minimal clothing.

Select a sheet or large towel to cover the body parts not being massaged. Choose something that won’t be harmed by oil or lotion.

Place a few towels near the massage area for wiping your hands and cleaning up potential spills.

Play soft, relaxing music: classical, new Age, jazz, and so on. Avoid vocal music, load rhythms, and anything else that might be distracting.

Light lots of candles. If you use scented candles, choose just one or two complementary scents. Or use unscented candles for visual ambiance, and use a fragrance diffuser or potpourri pot to bathe the room in fragrance.

Choose a massage oil or lotion. An organic oil lotion is preferable, since some people are sensitive to animal-based oils or mineral oils. Many health stores offer a variety of organic products. Whatever you use, keep the bottle of oil in a bowl of warm water during the massage or rub the oil between your hands to warm it up.

Sensual massage: Essential oils Select essential oils. Essential oils are extracted by distilling plant matter like flowers, herbs, woods, and roots. Some essential oils contain chemical that trigger specific reactions in the brain. For example, jasmine is touted as both a relaxant and an aphrodisiac. Consider the following fragrances and their romantic uses:

• Gently stimulating: mandarin, nutmeg, peppermint, tea tree

• Invigorating: clary-sage, frankinscense, marjoram, mint, orange, rosemary.

• Relaxing: calendula, chamomile, comfret, geranium, jasmine, lavender, neroli, rose, vetiver.

• Seductive and sensual: rosewood, sandalwood, ylang-ylang.

• Aphrodisiac: cedar, cinnamon, jasmine, patchouli, rosemary, sandalwood, ylang-ylang.

Prepare your essential oils. Since essential oils are very concentrated, you need to add only a few drops to a carrier like sweet almond oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, or fragrance-free body lotion. Use about five drops of oil for each ounce of carrier.

Assemble a few props, such as silk, velvet, flowers, leather, flannel, smooth metal, feathers, and so on, for experimenting textures. During the sensual massage, touch your partner’s skin with each prop to provide a new sensation. Touch lightly enough to tantalize, but not tickle.

Before begging the sensual massage, make sure neither of you is hungry, thirsty, nor needs to use the bathroom. If you do eat beforehand, have a light meal. Your minds should be on massage, not indigestions, and lying facedown shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

Ask your partner whether you should avoid-or pay special attention to-any particular areas. Let your partner decide how much clothing to wear and whether to cover up with a sheet or towel. Leave the room while your partner undresses, lies facedown, and covers up as desired. If your partner prefers to stay mostly dressed, offer an old T-shirt and shorts or skip the oils, which can stain clothing.

To make the massage pleasant for both people, the person receiving the massage should be recently showered. If your partner will shower at your place, provide a bathrobe and slippers.

Sensual Massage: Helpers Sensual Massage: Romance helpers...

Do a massage that is appropriate for your relationship. If an erotic massage is not appropriate, don’t try to sneak it in. Your partner should be relaxed and not constantly on guard. Even if you and your partner enjoy an intimate physical relationship, keep the massage more or less platonic and keep sex off your brain. The idea is massage all body parts-from head to toe, giving equal time to each-and make the whole body feel loved, relaxed, and invigorated. After the massage is finished, you can go where your hearts lead you.

During the sensual massage, occasionally ask your partner for a progress report so he or she feels comfortable telling you what feels good and what doesn’t. A progress report can be a detailed description or simple a moan-whatever gets the message across. Adjust your touch to suit your partner, malcing it firmer or gentler as needed.

Instruct your partner to inhale deeply to benefit fully from any aromas you may be using.

Use the techniques below to give your sweetheart an expert massage:

• Begin the sensual massage with your partner lying on his or her back.

• For a full-body massage, this is the usual sequence: right leg, left leg, left arm, chest and neck, right arm, abdomen, back and buttocks. Massage the head and face separately at the end. A professional massage I once received used this sequence: head, face, chest, shoulders, left arm and hand, right arm and hand, right leg and foot, left leg and foot. Then I turned faced downs, and the sequence continued right leg and foot, left leg and foot, back and shoulders. This massage took ninety minutes (mmmm). As far as I can tell, it would be hard to go wrong sequence-wise, so feel free to use any sequence you like.

• While massaging your partner, balance your body so your torsi is upright, with your back straight and your arms hanging loosely.

• Do not tense your shoulders or hands while massaging. If you do, your partner will feel the tension, and you will tire quickly.

• Keep one hand in contact with your partner at all times, so the massage feels like one continuous movement.

• Your strokes should be smooth, rhythmic, and predictable, with not surprising moves of any kind.

• Signal that you are finished with a specific body part by stroking it lightly up and down before moving on the next body part. This will help you create smooth transitions.

Sensual massage: Erotic Areas Consider the following list of nine erotic areas on a woman’s body (compiled by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists):

1. Small of the neck: Flick gently with the tongue.

2. Scalp: Scratch gently and massage to reduce stress and release endorphins (pleasure hormones).

3. Edge of the earlobe: Nibble and stroke gently.

4. Inside of the arm: Touch lightly with fingernails or fingertips.

5. Sacrum, the area just above the crease of the buttocks: massage lightly with the thumb.

6. Inner thigh: Lightly trace a triangle from a few inches below the crotch to the inside of the knee.

7. Behind the knee: Stroke the soft, sensitive skin.

8. Achilles tendon: Slowly stroke from just below the ankle bone up to the back of the knee.

9. Breasts: use all the fingers to stroke each breast in different directions, working toward, but stopping at the nipples.

Follow these safety precautions:

• Never massage pregnant woman during the first trimester (although foot and shoulder rubs are always welcome). Through-out pregnancy, avoid massaging the lower back, ankles, and the pelvic areas.

• Remember that aromatherapy is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women because certain fragrances can act as irritants. If you have any questions, consult your doctor or an aromatherapist.

• Always be very careful when massaging the abdomen, and avoid it completely during menstruation.

• Avoid massaging bruises, varicose veins, new scars and fractures (less than nine months old), and other delicate or sensitive areas.

• Never press on the spine.

• If your partner has diabetes, heart disease, or any medical condition that may be affected by increased blood flow, consult your doctor before giving him or her a massage.

• Remove all jewelry.

Keep the oil warm, your touch gentle, the candles burning, and the moans coming!

Sensual Massage: True Purpose So, what do you think? Tempting, isn’t it? So, now you have two options:

1. Take notes of everything you need, go shopping, prepare, and then give your partner the gift of a sensual massage…or…

2. Copy this page onto a nice piece of paper, make a scroll out of it, and leave it on your man's night-table or in the mail box with a little note saying: “You’re invited to please me with a sensual message this coming evening of divine pleasures.”

Actually, if you truly want to have an experience of your life, politely suggest that he also take a look at this website: http://www.sexuality.org/erotmass.html.
Maybe write the URL address at the bottom of the scroll or in any other place that’s appropriate. But trust me, whatever you do, don’t leave it out. Why?

How about you tell me after you’re done with your sensual massage? :-)


Giving and receiving is what creates the magical power of two...


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