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Leo sign: greeting for gentlemen

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Leo Sign Incense and oils:

"You can burn these during your (or your partner's) Sun Sign month or whenever you need to summon your personal strength or remind yourself of your unique talents."

Leo sign: aromas
• Orange Flower (neroli): Orange Flowers represent happiness, especially in marriage

• Juniper: Juniper is a protective oil

Leo Sign Flowers:

"When choosing a flower for a special occasion or simply as a random token of affection (for another or yourself ;-), be sure to take into consideration your recipient’s astrological sign as well as the symbolic energetic meaning behind the essence .

Remember that 'like spirits' communicate on levels beyond our reach or immediate comprehension. So a 'Leo' flower might just send a special 'silent' message to your Leo recipient. You'll never know until you try."

• Sunflower: The Leo sign Sunflower is the supreme solar plant and can be called on when our inner sun, our inner glow, is diminished.

The Sunflower can help broaden, magnify, and externalize our expression and make us feel more dynamic, healthy, and happy whenever it's around.

It is therefore a great choice of flower for the radiant, magnificent, and inspiring Leo soul.

• Other plants that can speak to the Leo soul: Mimosa, Marigold, Dahlia, Heliotrope, and Yellow Lily

Inviting Leo sign aromas into your life:

"The aromatic fragrances above can be incorporated into the Leo daily life in a number of different ways." Here are some ideas:

• Burn a bit of Orange Flower oil while taking your evening bath to invite sunshine into the day yet to come...

• Sprinkle a few droplets of Juniper oil on your sheets and pillow so the bed bugs don’t bite... ;-)

• Use Orange Flower soap to revitalize and inspire your union…to bring it back to its original blissful state...

• Buy a few Sunflowers and place them in a glass vase next to your bed to remind yourself of the warm, happy, and glowing spirit that lives within you...

"You get the idea. Simply combine the scents mentioned above with your own imagination and touch all the Leo souls in your life with your creations. The rest, leave up to the universe." ;-)


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