Romantic Love Songs:
“Fairies in disguise”

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Here you are looking for romantic love songs and I'm about to talk about the nineteenth century -- what's up with that? :-) Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense in a minute.

In order for us to have a real conversation about romantic love songs and romantic music in general, we should first take a trip back to when it all began. Better known as the Romantic Era, the nineteenth century was a time when sound and spirit first merged to create art. It was a time in the world’s development when expression of thought, emotions, and artistry ruled daily existence, when discovering oneself and 'daring to be' were the two things that mattered most in life.

Sometimes I think that I actually lived during that era. Ever since I could remember, I had a quenchless thirst for music, dance, and everything and anything with a rythmical bent. The different sounds of music have brought me great peace during moments of sorrow, addition energy during times of joy, and overwhelming happiness during moments of romance. Music, and especially the romantic love song, have been my friends for many years (maybe even for centuries ;-)…and they are friends that I hope you will invite to your house often as well. Yes, the times have changed...but the soul always remembers!

Luckily (kidding) for you and for me, we don’t have to listen to the great composers of the nineteenth century in order to capture the true meaning of behind romance music. There are a number of current day musicians that do as brilliant a job at merging the heart and soul of sound as did the greats that came before them. A few of those artists include: Percy Sledge (“when a man loves a woman”), Rod Stewart (“have I told you lately”), Eric Carmen (“all by myself”), The Honeydrippers (“sea of love”), Michael Bolton (“how am I supposed to live without you”), Diana Ross and Lionel Richie (“endless love”). The list of songs could go on and on and the artist may vary, however, the one thing that will never change is the magical message that both entities bring into our world – a message of love, hope, and inspiration.

If you’re a romantic ‘geek', as I am, and recognize the songs I mentioned above, then you’ll love the “Ultimate Love Songs Collection.” It’s a 132-song collection of love songs from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s that features some of the most memorable ballads and duets of our lifetime. Every melody I play brings me back to a sacred moment in my life…a dip on the dance floor, a whisper in the ear, a kiss on the though it's living inside of me right there and then.

Listen to a few songs...and I think you'll be transported back in time as well.

Please enjoy…embrace…and most importantly, remember -- it doesn’t matter whether you’re deciding on a romantic gift, planning a romantic vacation, or writing a love poem, music should always be the spiritual framework. Romantic love songs are your life’s secret diaries…so keep them close and keep on writing!


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