Sagittarius sign:
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Sagittarius Sign Incense and oils:

"You can burn these during your (or your partner’s) Sun Sign month or whenever you need to summon your personal strength or remind yourself of your unique talents."

Sagittarius sign: aromas
• Rosemary: For enhancing memory

• Frankincense: For enhancing spirituality (be careful when you use frankincense because it can be a skin irritant in its undiluted form)

Sagittarius Sign Flowers:

"When choosing a flower for a special occasion or simply as a random token of affection (for another or yourself ;-), be sure to take into consideration your recipient’s astrological sign as well as the symbolic energetic meaning behind the essence .

Remember that ‘like spirits’ communicate on levels beyond our reach or immediate comprehension. So a ‘Sagittarius’ flower might just send a special ‘silent’ message to your Sagittarius recipient. You’ll never know until you try."

• Calendula: Calendula, when displayed as an ornamental bouquet as opposed and not in its healing ointment form, can help lighten and brighten almost any atmosphere.

It has the power to protect and draw out our psychic resources and can help open our clairvoyant and telepathic powers.

A great choice for the spiritual, futuristic, truth-seeking Sagittarius soul.

• Other plants that can speak to the Sagittarius soul: Peonies, Holly, Carnations, Daisies, Iris, Hydrangeas, and Dahlias.

Inviting Sagittarius sign aromas into your life:

"The aromatic fragrances above can be incorporated into the Sagittarius daily life in a number of different ways." Here are some ideas:

• Burn a bit of Frankincense oil (careful when using) while taking your evening bath to open yourself up to your own spirituality and intuition...

• Sprinkle a few droplets of Rosemary oil around the house (or maybe just in the kitchen ;-) to remind you of what’s really important in life...

• Use Calendula soap to protect your inner spirit and help it open up to a universe just beyond its reach...

• Buy, or make yourself, a calendula bouquet and place it in a glass vase next to your bed at night to lighten and brighten the day that’s yet to come...

"You get the idea. Simply combine the scents mentioned above with your own imagination and touch all the Sagittarius souls in your life with your creations. The rest, leave up to the universe." ;-)


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