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"Karmic Destiny"

With a Soul Scope Reading you can take control of your future, make the most of your relationships, be influential and more in control of your destiny.

See how the various parts of your psyche - the good, the difficult and the uncertain - influence and relate to one another to create the unique human being that is you.

Soul Scope Readings contain twelve chapters:

1 Appearance and Personality 2 Your Will and Purpose 3 Your Needs and Emotional Responses 4 Career and Status 5 Perception and Intellect 6 Attraction and Charisma
7 Self Assertiveness and Sexual Drive 8 Faith and Awareness 9 Lessons and Responsibilities 10 Individuality and Uniqueness 11 Sensitivity and Spirituality 12 Power and Transformation.

Five Star Rating highlights what is most important and valuable to you. Even if time your birth time is not known the reading will be shorter but just as valuable.

"The Soul Scope is absolutely fantastic! I have re-read it many times and can't get over how accurate it is. I'm familiar with many different astrologers and their readings and this really is the closest reading of my birth chart that I've ever come across. " Emily Weekes, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia.

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