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Ultimate Relationship Astrology Report Package
16 Readings in 1 Package

Designed for two people spend time together exploring the possibilities involved in sharing your life together. Click on headings to find out about each reading.

Soul Mates
Find out how you can enjoy a relationship much more by knowing exactly how well matched you are and your genuine potential for happiness.

Star Lovers
Confirms the way couples feel about each other, revealing more about each lover's desires than you thought possible by looking at the relationship from each person's point of view

Soul Scope x 2 (one for each person)
Your karmic destiny is made far easier to understand, detailing attraction and charisma, self assertiveness and sexual drive and much more.

Soul Guide 12 Months x 2 (one for each person)
Find the most appropriate times for you to act and discover the most important and significant planetary events that will have a lasting effect on your development.

Intimate Lover x 2 (one for each person)
Describes the way you behave towards a lover, exactly what you need from a partner, find most exciting and important about making love.

Lovers Guide x 2 (one for each person)
Each Lovers Guide not only describes you as a lover but lets you know the best days to make yourself available for that important date during the forthcoming year.

Young Life x 2 (one for each person)
Traces your early development that helps lead you to a more satisfying and rewarding life.

Life Destiny x 2 (one for each person)
A Life Destiny reading will help you better understand the direction to take in life and where you are likely to do well by helping you recognize your real talents, creative skills and financial ability.

Predictor 12 Months x 2 (one for each person)
Life, in common with the planets, moves in cycles and knowing when those cycles begin and end is invaluable, a Predictor Reading provides precise timing of events, opening doors of opportunity and understanding.
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