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If you're looking for a truly romantic anniversary idea, your search is now over. I know I’m being a bit presumptuous, but I think you’ll really like what I’m about to suggest.

At first, my idea might seem a bit unusual to you, but I hope you give it a chance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you do.

“…our relationship is nothing less than an original, exquisite creation of the two of us…”

I like to think of an anniversary as a celebration of a relationship’s birthday and therefore, have a completely different view on choosing a romantic anniversary idea for celebrating that occasion than most people.

When I’m trying to think of a romantic anniversary idea, I’m looking for a symbolic representation of my relationship with Jay, not Jay himself.

“Why?” Because our relationship is an original, exquisite creation of the two of us (just like a baby is) and deserves the special attention that I choose to bestow upon it.

Let me explain…

“A relationship’s birthday can be categorized in a number of different ways.”

A relationship has a number of birthdays that can be categorized in a number of different ways. One of those ways is according to the occasion itself, such as: when a couple first meets, when they become more than just friends, when they get engaged, when they begin living together and of course, when they get married.

To me, each of those birthdays is equally important to the overall progress of the relationship and should be celebrated in a similar manner.

“…as a couple progresses to the next level of their relationship, their hopes and expectations for the future evolve.”

Think about it. As time goes by and two people grow, so do their hopes and expectations. Isn’t it then only natural that their relationship would go through a similar evolution?

Unfortunately, we sometimes forgot how much work and sacrifice such growth requires, overlooking the achievements at hand.

I, however (being the nut that I am), am constantly thinking of those accomplishments and celebrating them by throwing little hurray parties any chance I get.

“…I’m not sure how to recognize the difference between each birthday of the relationship?”

If all of this is sounding a bit wacky to you, don’t be alarmed. My way of selecting a romantic anniversary idea is far from tradition. But then again, that’s what makes it fun. Don’t you think?

To help you get a clearer picture of what I’m talking about, I’ve decided to share my own personal experience with you. I think it’ll give you a better feel for the concept and hopefully will inspire you to give this off-the-beaten-path approach a try.

Here is my story…

I met Jay on March 1st. I remember that moment as though it was yesterday. I won’t bore you with the details, but let me tell you that the way my life was going, the only explanation for that meeting is DESTINY.

Both of us were supposed to be somewhere else on that day. But as it turned out, life had a different plan for us. It took us a while to become really close, but to me, that day still represents the beginning of our life together.

“Each year we try to find a new interpretation for our first meeting.”

The first birthday of our relationship, therefore, is March 1st. Every year, on that specific day, both of us exchange a romantic anniversary idea or gift that represents a mysterious and sacred encounter between two souls.

Each year we try to find new interpretations for our first meeting. It’s a challenging task yet undeniably exhilarating.

Quick note: if you don’t remember the exact date of your special occasion, please feel free to pick another one. No one ever said that you can’t make them up. And I promise I won’t tell.

“We spent that entire day and night just sitting on my couch, talking about life, likes and dislikes…”

A few months after our first meeting, we became best friends. We spent hours just talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

One day in particular, however, sticks out in my mind -- June 28th. We spent that entire day and night sitting on my couch, talking about life, likes and dislikes, values, personal and professional expectations, and family relations.

We exposed ourselves to each other in the most intimate and honest ways possible. What’s interesting though is that at that time, our feelings were still purely platonic. We were friends, real friends.

Therefore, birthday number two of our relationship is June 28th. On that day we celebrate friendship because friendship is one of the most important components of our life.

Of course a romantic anniversary idea for this occasion has to show gratitude to your relationship for bringing a real friend into your life. Thus temporarily, you need to think of each other not as a couple, but simple as friends.

“I felt like a teenager again.”

Well, it took us a bit longer than a month to take our relationship to the next level. Yes, a whole month!

On August 8th Jay hugged me and gave me what I remember as the best kiss of my life!

I don’t think that moment to you needs an explanation. I’m sure you know exactly how it felt. I felt like a teenager again. I had butterflies in my stomach; my body felt as though it was floating on air; and I was bursting at the seams, dying to tell everyone about what had happened. It was a magical time.

Yes, you guessed correctly, that makes August 8th our relationship’s third birthday, a day when we celebrate love.

I’m sure you are well aware that a romantic anniversary idea for this day will be quite different from the ideas we came up with for our previous two anniversaries.

This anniversary is all about two people in love and so is the celebration. It is important to think of your love as a unique and exceptional creation that only exists between the two of you. So don’t just celebrate love. Celebrate YOUR love.

“One single word came to my mind: Commitment. And our relationship was born for the fourth time ….”

November 12th marks the day of our relationship’s next birthday. That was the day we moved in together.

That day was absolutely crazy. An engagement party, move to the new home, sharing toothpaste…WOW! That’s a lot to handle all at once.

After the buzz subsided, we just sat in our new kitchen and for about 10 minutes contemplated what had happened. One single word came to my mind: Commitment. And our relationship was born for the fourth time.

On November 12th we celebrate the fourth birthday of our relationship. On that day we honor commitment and look for a romantic anniversary idea that will represent that element of the relationship.

“I like to think of that future day as a celebration of eternity.”

We’re not married yet, but I’m sure we will be one day. So that occasion will give us another reason to celebrate our relationship.

I like to think of that future day as a celebration of eternity….A day to thank life for helping both of us find the soul mate that we were searching for. Therefore, a romantic anniversary idea for that birthday will have to symbolize not only eternity, but gratitude as well.

Well…there you have it. Two people met on destiny’s whim. They became best friends. They joined their individual lives to create a greater entity. And they created a past, present and future.

That brings me to my original question -- why limit an anniversary celebration to just one time per year? Look how many reasons I found for rejoicing. And I bet, you can find even more.

Find your reasons to celebrate. Thank life any time you get a chance. Take one small occasion and make it grand for no reason at all.

Most importantly, remember – don’t take anything for granted, be grateful, and always RomanceIt!


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