Personalization of:
“Unique Gift for Him”

D.O.B. 02/06/1959
Sun: Aquarius
Venus: Pisces
North Node: Libra

Information provided:
Likes old cars - Aston Martins, etc
Likes fantasy novels (LOTR, etc)
Interested in Vikings and Arthurian mythology
Likes the country - Scotland
Very romantic

Introduction: “Creating the ideal Unique gift for Him”

Before I share my gift ideas with you, I would first like to explain the step-by-step process I use to make my decisions. I think it’s important for you to understand my method so that later on you can use it to create your own ideally unique gifts.

Step 1: “What is the recipient’s Sun sign position and what does it tell me about that individual?”

A person’s sun sign tells quite a bit about their very core. The sun symbolizes the seed of potential within an individual…a seed that might take a lifetime to fully actualize.

When a person expresses his sun sign characteristics, he feels energized and vibrant…like a flower reaching toward the rays of the sun.

Sun sign in Aquarius: These people need to feel free to explore their uniqueness and individuality. They need to experiment with life and to soar above the ordinary by actualizing their abundant abilities.

Aquarians are curious, idealistic, altruistic, and progressive. So any gift that’s a bit unusual and extraordinary in some way, will definitely pique their interest and leave them more than satisfied.

Step 2: “What is the recipient’s Venus sign position and what does it tell me about that individual?”

The planet Venus relates to an individual’s value system regarding pleasure, love, relationships, art, and the enjoyment of life. It governs one’s capacity to enjoy experiences and reveals sensory elements from the material world that would please his internal palate. Simply put…when you serenade your partner, Venus is the planet to be addressed. ;-)

Venus in Pisces: Here we have the romantic idealist…purely and utterly devoted to love. An incurable romantic, this individual can be easily swayed by the waves of his heart and is therefore a huge fan of poetry, music, and yes, candlelight dinners.

This soul’s emotional world is extremely complex and colorful; needing time to reveal itself. However, once the true colors of this Romeo begin to peek through, you will have the kindest, gentlest, and most compassionate friend of all. But you probably already know that.

Step 3: “What is the recipient’s North Node sign position and what does it tell me about that individual?”

The North Node of a chart points to one’s soul mission and direction in life. It describes the kind of person one should strive to become and the type of experiences he or she will find gratifying.

To me, the north node is like an invisible voice that keeps calling my name…the voice that urges me to follow my instincts and to explore unknown worlds…the voice that doesn’t let me give up because it knows where my true happiness lies (even though I don’t always know it myself).

That’s why living according to one’s north node is one of the greatest gifts in the world. It is one of the few things in life that can offer true meaning to one’s existence.

North Node in Libra : The Libra sign is often associated with words such as compromise, harmony, agreement, balance, beauty, and partnership. It is the sign of romance, refinement, and sophistication bestowing upon its native a spiritual goal of learning the true meaning of selfless love.

This is not an easy lesson to learn for the Libra North Node individual because he has spent many lifetimes developing his ego. However, if he is to be really happy and fulfilled during this lifetime, it is one lesson that he must learn.

Having said that mouthful, I suggest you add a bit of Libra to his gifts any chance you get. You’ll be surprised at the power simple reminders have to get one back on track.

Blending of steps 1, 2, and 3: “Aquarius Sun + Pisces Venus + Libra North Node”

Since you already know the three separate steps, this part should be pretty easy. You know that his gift has to be interesting, unusual, and a bit innovative (Aquarius). You know it has to be romantic, poetic, and artistic (Pisces)…a bit musical wouldn’t be a bad idea either ;-). And last but not least, it should be aesthetically pleasing (Libra).

So there you have it – the theory behind the madness. ;-) Now it’s time for some concrete suggestions.

I’m going to give you a list of ideas for each of the three decision making elements mentioned above (Sun, Venus, and North Node) and then propose a way to combine one gift idea from each section to create the final product – the perfectly tailored gift.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Sun in Aquarius keywords: Quirky, offbeat, non-materialistic, freedom-seeking, mental, altruistic, talented, group-conscious, inquisitive, experimental, humble, informal, futuristic, curious.

The Aquarius gift basket:

1. Order him a CD from the Putumayo World Music Collection . Putuyamo donates a percentage of sales to benefit communities from all over the world. The humanitarian Aquarian spirit will definitely be touched!

2. Rent an "Aston Martin" for a day, or better yet, get him his own miniature version. Take a look at these two models (click on the images):

1:18 Scale James Bond Aston Martin DB-5 Car Diecast Replica


Since you mentioned that he’s a fan, I’m sure he already owns one of these nifty creations…but I figured I’d throw it out there anyway. ;-)

3. Sign him up for a membership at an elite collectable cars club (most Aquarians love the idea of a group effort) or give him the gift of unmatched freedom and creativity – SBI. With SBI, he can create his own site (and own club for that matter) related to cars, mythology, or any other topic that he’s passionate about without having to know a single thing about building a site. But then again, that shouldn’t be a problem anyway if he’s one of the “techi” Aquarians. ;-)

4. Volunteer with him through Aquarius sign people are humanitarians at heart and are deeply moved by sorrows that plague the world, even if they don’t always show it. So by joining your mate in providing services to others less fortunate, you are guaranteed to lock his heart to yours…more so then ever before.

Aquarians want to see a true friend in a mate. And what better way to be a friend then to share in an activity that is truly meaningful to them as a human being. Currently, you can find 96 different volunteer opportunities all around the UK.

A less hands-on idea is to buy him a gift from , a store that supports the world’s indigenous people.

5. Get him a self-improvement book or tape. I have two great sites that I often use myself. One is called site offers tons of inetresting information and is extremely easy to use. People can just download MP3’s and enjoy them anywhere -- in the the the shower -- absolutely anywhere.

The second site is called Nightingale-Conant. Nightingale is the world’s largest producer and publisher of personal development products and services. A great choice if he’s a deep/philosophical thinker and interested in exploring his inner-self a bit more.

Venus in Pisces keywords: romantic, mysterious, adaptive, sentimental, highly spiritual, introverted, artistic, compassionate, nurturing, creative, mutable, escapist, and lyrical.

The Pisces gift basket:

1. Order a personalized romance or fantasy novel at - personalized romance novels by Fletcher Newbern. I think this gift idea is really cool…it’s romantic, creative, and definitely escapist. Your Pisces Venus man will love it!

2. Give him a poem written by or for you . The Pisces side of your man is undoubtedly spiritually intuned…and there’s nothing like a lyrical poem to get his love juices flowing. ;-)

3. Send him a romantic message in a bottle. Timeless Message in a Bottle is one of the most romantic gifts on the web. You can choose from over 350 messages to send or write your own custom message and then have it placed in a beautiful imported bottle. They'll even send it to you in a custom wooden birch crate -- very authentic.

4. Name a star after him. Yes, a real star. Think galaxy…eternity…boundless space…the Piscean imagination will be thrilled at such images. Choose a constellation and name a real star after him. That way, he'll be part of the Zodiac forever.

5. Help him escape through the soothing notes of the ultimate love songs collection or the calming aura of nature sounds . You can also take a look at Chuck Jonkey’s site and pick a favorite from his compilation of amazing sounds from around the world. I’m a huge fan.

6. Invite him to take a journey through his soul with an Astrological Soul Report. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac and is considered to be the most spiritual of the twelve. Usually associated with psychic tendencies, the Pisces Venus native should find an astrological interpretation of his inner being quite enlightening. To order a Spiritual Path report for him, click here.

7. Give him a Spiritual bath (Oils, bath salts, candles, and much more at or a sensual massage (amaze him with this MP3 message from iAmplify). To set up the right ambience, visit the spiritual bath and sensual massage pages of my site.

North Node in Libra keywords: Attractive, artistic, sociable, seductive, subtle, narcissistic, diplomatic, popular, polite, sophisticated.

The Libra gift basket:

1. Invigorate his artistic side by signing him up for music, acting, or art lessons. First, take a look at the performing arts resources at (click on “Training and careers” and then look for “Act Up” . They offer a class named “Act Just for Fun” designed for anyone who’d like to take some acting classes, as mentioned, just for fun ;-)and to simply indulge their creative side). The Music and Sound sections also offer plenty of recourses such as: I Like Music .

As a second option, you have “Music lessons Now” ; a comprehensive listing of music tutors in the UK, Ireland, Channel Isles and the Isle of Man.

2. Take him on a romantic virtual vacation to Las Lenas for a bit of Christmas skiing ;-), or, since you mentioned that he loves Scotland’s countryside, make a reservation at one of Scotland’s coziest country B&B’s and spend your time enjoying the romantic landscapes and yourselves of course. ;-) If you choose option number two, take a look at . You’ll find a broad selection of countryside spots in Scotland;the best B&B’s available in the area.

3. Get two concert tickets and take him to see his favorite musical performer. Your Libra North Node pal will be extremely moved…and might not even realize why so much. ;-)

You can find other artistically innovative ideas at . Take a look under the headings “Performance,” as well as “Music and Sound.” Once you’re there, click on the “Links” button under the navbar to the left of your screen and the list of ideas should be right in front of you. All you have to do is just decide if you want to go Cutting Edge or MainStream.

4. Have an intimate romantic dinner at home topped off with a Chocolate Mango-Raspberry Creme Brulee …a desert that includes berries and mango…two fruits that speak loudly to the Libra soul.

6. Give him the Libra soul’s pathway stone – The Soulmate . The soulmate crystal is a fascinating stone and is an ideal choice for the Libra soul. It has an interesting shape comprised of two equal-sized crystals growing side-by-side from a common base and joined along one side.

And since Libra sign’s soul path is that of relationship – both with the self and with others, the Soulmate crystal can help him remain an equal partner within your relationship. I think it’s a really cool stone that he’ll appreciate wholeheartedly.

Now that we went over the individual gift ideas, here are some combinations that you can use for Christmas or any other occasion that you choose.

Remember that what truly counts is your mate’s realization of the fact that you’re really paying attention to who he is on a soul level…that you do get who he is. And I think these ideas should get that message across quite clearly.

The Combined Christmas Gift Basket:

1. Have Santa (stuffed or you dressed as one ;-) hold a miniature Aston Martin in his hands with a personalized poem sticking out from the driver’s seat of the car.

2. Make a reservation at one of Scotland’s coziest country B&B’s and recreate the Las Lenas virtual vacation or make up one of your own. To make it even more exciting you can rent an Aston Martin and drive to Scotland. Once you’re there, plan a spiritual bath for Christmas Eve with some bluesy Christmas love songs, grassy world beats, or relaxing nature sounds. For an additional surprise, have your message in a bottle unexpectedly float to the top of the water and make its way to your mate.

3. Go to see his favorite musician in concert and then return home for your seductive berry and mango desert. As you’re finishing up the desert, slip the Soulmate crystal (dangling from a beige or brown leather string) onto his neck and whisper your own private message into his ear…maybe something like, “I hope this crystal brings you the peace and harmony your heart desires.”

4. Have a personalized romance or fantasy novel created just for the two of you. Then on Christmas Eve, dim the lights, get a bottle of wine, pop the seductive love song CD into the player and read the novel out loud to each other. And if you really feel like it, dress the part and act out a few scenes…the rest I leave to your imagination. ;-)

5. Number five I leave blank for you. I want you to follow my lead and create one of your own combinations. Let’s see…you still have the astro report, the star name, SBI, volunteer opportunities, and club membership to work with…not to mention your own unique ideas. So go ahead and experiment. I would love to know what you come up with!

Always remember: Romanceit!

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